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Testimonials and Review

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Hayley C reviewed Karen French - Meta Healing – 5 star

10 May · 

Karen was recommended to me by a friend and that was the best advice! I have had Skype and 121 in person sessions with Karen which are always really powerful. Karen intuits what is happening and has some amazing gifts and tools to help with healing and understanding what is happening for anyone on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Karen has a very grounded background in counselling modalities plus the healing and energy tools together make the sessions really amazing and I have had great results in a short time, I drive a long way to see Karen and it is so worth it.


Eamon K reviewed Karen French - Meta Healing  – 5 star

2 March · 

I have worked with Karen for a few years now and I can't speak highly enough of her caring, thoughtful and skillful approach. Very genuine and knowledgeable. I am very fortunate and blessed to know her.


Lisa Jane reviewed Karen French - Meta Healing – 5 star

1 March · 

Karen is amazing. I have been to see her quite a few times know and can't wait to book up again to see her. Karen makes you feel immediately at ease and I'm blown away by the change I felt from the very first time I visited her. Please, if you are not sure, go and visit Karen. It will be the best decision you will make.


Simone M reviewed Karen French - Meta Healing – 5 star

1 March · 

Have your mind blown away by the information that your body shares with you and the expertise of Karen. Relaxing,calming atmosphere. Very professional but at the same time Karen treats you like a human and genuinely interested in the reason you have chosen to see her.


"I have been having EFT with Karen for a few weeks now and I must admit I was very sceptical when I first began the therapy. I didn't expect to see any changes. However, although neither problem has been completely cured yet, I have had some significant changes so far and the problems have significantly lessened. The whole process of change was so natural, I hardly realised until Karen went through the things I had written about at the beginning.

Karen is very professional but obviously really cared about helping me to acheive success. Although I found the process cathartic, it was not traumatic or uncomfortable (except the one session that involved clearing my bereavement issues, which I have now cleared after having EFT). Karen dealt with me sympathetically throughout, making me feel at ease and that anything I said was not silly or insignificant.

I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to change their thoughts, feelings and associated behaviours with a wide variety of issues."

Rebecca from Bedford


"It was Karen that first helped me learn more about Reiki and explore and develop my interest in using Reiki myself. I then went on to have both my Level 1 and Level 2 attunements with Karen. I found the attunements I had with Karen very powerful experiences. I find Karen to have a very powerful, yet gentle energy. Karen thoroughly explained what would happen during an attunement, the sensations I might experience and she really put me at ease. She was really happy to answer all the questions I had and advised me on things I should do following my attunements. Karen also gave me some really good Reiki manuals that I can refer to. Since having my attunements, Karen has supported me as my Reiki Master and is always available for advice. I find it really useful to be able to discuss my Reiki experiences with her. If you are interested in receiving a reiki treatment or learning more about reiki and receiving an attunement I would really reccomend Karen as a Reiki Master. I found my attunements a really positive experience and I feel using Reiki has opened up a whole new aspect of myself and has really helped me to grow and develop personally and spiritually. The power of Reiki does not cease to amaze me! Thank you Karen - without your support & encouragement I would never have started out on my Reiki journey! "

Tracey from Bedford







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